Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Forty and Fresh Starts

So apparently my now tween daughter has been stocking me on the web. Specifically on my own blog, that I started basically when she was entering kindergarten.  How on earth she remembered about a blog I started that long ago, and frankly I had forgotten about, amazes me.

However as I read these very few posts that I shared so many years ago, it warmed my heart. And I find it a very poignant time for me to revisit and take up the challenge to begin again on this blog.  

I turn, (GASP) Forty in four short days, and the women I was when I started this is very much changed.  Some changes for the better, some for the worse (getting older) but all the more reason to begin again and share some of my thoughts. Remember memories that have happened over these last few years.  And express my love and gratitude to all of the wonderful people I still have in my life from the beginning of this whole endeavor to write a blog.  Last but certainly not least to record all the wonderful happenings with my family over the years.   I have been truly blessed.  My family is still the love of my life. And my sweet husband has become my best friend as well the love of my life.

So watch out my blog peeps! Danielle's back! And I'm holding nothing back!
Talk to you soon 😍

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